Hello, Blog World

How do you begin a letter, a diary to the world?! There’s so many things I want to plug into these pages, but I have no idea where to start! Over the past several months (ok, really a year…about as long as it’s been since my last watercoolerwellness post) I have had so many adventures, trials, and triumphs. My life has been changing, and doing so quickly. I am running as fast as I can just trying to keep up.

Speaking of running! I am a little less than 4 weeks away from running my second half marathon! For my first race, I didn’t set a goal time and focused solely on just finishing the race with James and having fun. This year it’s goal time. I’ve got my sights set on a 2-hour race. Now, I know I won’t be breaking any records at that pace, but I am still a pretty “new” runner. Heck, until I finished that 1st half marathon last year I didn’t even really consider myself a runner! This training cycle I feel more like a runner. Maybe it’s the notable progress. Maybe it’s that I am starting to figure out things like recovery runs, nutrition and hydration during runs, and cross-training. Maybe it’s that there is actually a DIFFERENCE in my pace on my pace run, speed runs, and recovery runs.

Regardless…I am getting super-duper nervous about this race! What if I haven’t trained enough? What if I don’t hit my pace? What if I get injured in the next 4 weeks? What’s that pain in my shins…do I have shin splints again? What if I can’t race? I also tried a new type of running shoes and completely hated them. I felt like I was running in clown shoes. I couldn’t get my stride right and they rubbed and pinched in all the wrong places. I wasn’t feeling well on the first run I did in them, so I kept trying to “give them another chance” and dreading the run every time. I finally decided to go trade them in for another pair of my trusty Saucony Guides. Those shoes feel like coming home.

Now, I know that I am going to be fine. I know that I have put in the work. From reading other running blog, I know that it is normal to have pre-race jitters. I am hitting my paces, even in my long runs (or within just a few seconds of them). Maybe I haven’t trained as much as I could have, but I’ve put in the work. I know that I will be able to *finish* this race. Maybe I won’t hit my goal time – but that’s ok. I am balancing work, school (my last semester of classes in OT school!!! wahooo!), and I’ve been through a lot in my personal life over the past year. Besides, if I don’t hit my goal time, its a pretty good reason to keep working on it and plan another race in the spring. And when I remember those things, I am ok. I am lucky to be running in the first place. I am lucky that I will have a wonderful man by my side, supporting me throughout the race. If I don’t meet my goal that day, so what?! It just gives me something to work towards next time.


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