Welcome Fall!

Hello! How are you doing today? Has the weather started to resemble fall in your neck of the woods yet? I had a very fall-like 12-mile run on Saturday. It was my last long run prior to the half marathon on the 18th and my longest run of this training cycle. The weather was exactly what I’d expect from an Ohio fall day… cold, windy, and a bit wet. I drizzled the entire time. While that is definitely not my ideal version of running conditions, I was actually thankful for the bit of yuck. Most of my runs have been in warm, relatively perfect conditions and it is highly unlikely that race day will be warm and sunny. It was good to have an opportunity to test my legs and clothes in cooler weather.

Hooray for taper time!

IMG_2832[1]The run went pretty well, all things considered. My legs felt a little stiff, but I was able to make it through all 12 miles with only a couple little stops to re-tie/ adjust my shoes. One of the “joys” of new shoes is that breaking them in requires a lot of adjusting the laces until they feel just right – especially when you are as OCD about it as me. At the end of the run my average pace was 9:21, so about 11 seconds slower than the 9:10 average I’ll need to hit my goal on race day, but when you account for the shoe-tying stops, I think I am pretty close to on target. Bring on the race day adrenaline!


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