A Workout for you…


I know it has been a while since I posted. I am working on race recaps from the Columbus Half Marathon (a PR for me!), the OSU 4-Miler (another PR!) and the Hot Chocolate 15k and will hopefully have those up soon…though in perfect honesty, they probably won’t get posted until after finals.

This weekend will be my LAST WEEKEND COLLEGE of Occupational Therapy school!! Then, I will be going out on fieldwork for 6 months, so you will get all kinds of lovely (HIPPA approved, of course) posts about the insanity that is clinical rotations. The placement process has been quite the debacle at my school. Since our program is a weekend-based program geared towards professional adults, many of my classmates have lives and children and families to consider when choosing a site to complete their clinical experience (which is essentially an unpaid residency for all of my non-OT friends out there). In order place a student at a clinical fieldwork location, there are a number of things that must be considered:

  1. Each student needs to have experience in several major practice areas including mental health, pediatrics, and adult
  2. Each student has unique learning needs in order to be successful in fieldwork and on boards after graduation
  3. Fieldwork sites must meet AOTA (American Occupational Therapy Association) requirements in order to accept a student
  4. Sites must also be able to take a student on the timetable that aligns with our school schedule — and must agree to do so
  5. Most schools have contracts with certain sites to whom they give preferential treatment ie, they will always take a student (maybe because they need the extra hands at limited cost- particularly if they are a community-based entity) so the University agrees to attempt to always place a student at the site. My school has multiple sites like this with which they have very strong relationships. It is my understanding that most schools have arrangements similar to this, but not quite to the same degree as my school does.

Since our program is unique in that it is weekend-based, nearly every student is a commuter, and some from pretty long distances. As such, there has been a shortage of placements in locations close to home for many of my classmates, which has become quite the ordeal. I feel for them! The program itself is astronomically expensive, but to also have to go 6 months without a paycheck and THEN pay for housing somewhere away from your husband/wife/kids/house etc? I am feeling very fortunate that I can pretty much go wherever I need to for the 6 months necessary to finish out this program. I know that those who love and support me aren’t going anywhere and support my decision to pack up and go to whatever location I need to in order to get the best education and experience. I am excited (and anxious!) to see where I’ll end up!

In other news, I put together a timed work out that I will be completing after work today that I thought would share with you guys! It will be a tough one! As always, be sure to check with your doctor before changing your fitness routine.

Workout 11.17


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